Tuesday, March 30, 2010

89 - more babies, including me

It was a beautiful spring day today, too pretty of a day to be in a bad mood, and yet I was. It should be against the law to be cranky in beautiful weather, or physically impossible. Six months after giving birth, I am finding that I am still very sensitive for some reason; it doesn't take much these days I suppose to hurt my feelings. I blame changing hormones from pregnancy. It's nice to have something to blame it on. A remark from my husband (or really, lack of expected remark, but that's another story) this morning set my tone for the day. A phone call with my sister didn't help, as I whined that she doesn't call enough or show enough interest in my life or my baby. When really, what I wanted to say to husband was, "I felt taken for granted," and to sister, "I miss you and your friendship, I value your input and wish we were not drifting apart." Why is it so hard to say what we really mean? But the day carried on; took baby E to the park, and took pictures of a friend's newborn (well, she's more like 5 or 6 weeks old). So those are the pictures I will post, as I can't post pictures of my whiny-ness, and not sure I would want to even if that were possible. Because who would want to look at that. Here's more interesting pictures for you:

Who needs a play pen when you have a perfectly good laundry basket....

Hi Lucy!

Don't know why I like this out of focus picture, it's something to do with the shadow on the ground. I wanted to get E more in motion, but just didn't feel like really experimenting with shutter priority. So, this COULD have been cooler. It was that kind of day. A lot COULD have been better.

One of my favorites from the photo shoot today. We didn't move her outside until the end and she was getting cranky. Would have liked to experimented more in front of the door to this gorgeous home.

The shot where I got more of the door in the picture, the baby was crying! ergh. Oh well.

Last one, sweet baby in daddy's hands.

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