Saturday, March 6, 2010

65 - Trying the Garden thing

Ever since we moved into our house, I've wanted to grow a garden - grow anything, really. I have planted flowers in the front yard, and enjoyed experimenting with what will actually stay and grow. I would love to do more floral landscaping in the backyard, but with the dogs, it's about impossible. At least feels impossible, or would be expensive. This year, however, we are going to try our hand at growing vegetables! I am really excited about this venture. In some old apartments I used to live in, I would go walking along a bayou; one of the houses that backed up to the bayou grew tomatoes every year, and it was so fun watching them grow. We tried last weekend picking out materials for the garden, but got overwhelmed and ran out of time before needing to get home to feed the baby, etc. So this morning was trial two. We bought four boards from the scrap pile at Home Depot and had them cut to size, to make our rectangle borders. Also bought some brackets so we could screw it all together, and got some metal edge pieces in hopes of keeping the dogs from digging in the garden. It's a small little area, set up next to our fence. I think we may have been a little ambitious in buying the vegetables for it, I'm not sure all the seedlings will fit! We were going to only plant 4 tomato plants, but the lady at the register accidently rang up 6, so rather than put them back we just kept them. Along with a bell pepper, a squash, and a couple of other peppers. (Those were all Doug's choices, I just want to try tomatoes for now).
The garden is going in next to the fence. I dug up the dead plant. It was dusk when Doug was finished with getting the wooden pieces put together, so will have to wait until tomorrow to get a picture.

Our ambitious set of seedlings.

Hope these tomatoes take!

We also picked up a catalog thingy that shows how to use pavers, I am hoping that sometime this Spring we can work on making a pathway for the trashcans, possibly do something else with our concrete slab that is our "patio," in general make the backyard a pleasant place! I love spending time outdoors and being able to sit out there and relax. Right now, our missing grass and mulch, along with Lucy's holes that she has dug, has made the backyard a little depressing. Hoping the little garden will spruce it up some!

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