Saturday, March 27, 2010

85 - JCP pics are here!

Yesterday, we were able to pick up our cd of images from our JC Penny's photo shoot from earlier in the month. After seeing the prints I picked out, and viewing the pictures on the cd - was it worth it? Hmmmm. I guess not really worth the amount of money I paid, but there are some cute shots. I find it interesting that on the cd, you get ALL of the images - the good AND the bad. Whenever I take pictures, I throw out the obviously icky ones, because who wants to see their child or family member looking - well, icky? I'll post some of my favorites.

These are Doug's boots and hat. Same ones we used in the birth announcement.

That's E's hat.

Not a big fav, but ok.

I bet I could get a cuter one with a blanket at home.

And now, a couple just to make you laugh.....

Kind of sums up our experience.....

They actually had an 8x10 of this picture available for me to buy when we picked up the pictures! did they even LOOK at it?!
I'm not going to say I'll never do studio pics again, but for now, will stick to doing our own outside shots!


  1. whew! Glad to hear it!! All of these would have been cuter out in the grass imho. Your pictures of him have so much more personality:o)

  2. OH, I laughed at our post..the writing! I loved the first one of E, in the Sepia with the boots. So cute. But girl, you have made talent with your camera! I had to chuckle when you said they made an extra 8 x 10 when to purchase when you picked them up...they did this for me, too. It wasn't a good picture of my girls, but I bought them anyway! What a sucker I was! At least you weren't a sucker like me :)