Sunday, January 3, 2010

Picture 3 - a song

We sang this song in church this morning, Revelation song by Philips, Craig and Dean. I absolutely love this song. I first heard it on KSBJ, when I was in the car driving a LOT with my commute to work this past year. I can't explain how this song affects me! It's like instant calm; in my heart and mind, I am dropping to my knees immediately when I hear it, head bowed, hands in the air, humbled by being in God's awesome presence - even while driving. Since I was pregnant when I first heard it, I would crank it up in the car and wonder if the baby could tell a difference in how his mamma felt listening to it. Have since bought the cd, so I can have my instant calm and praise-ness anytime. Although, since I don't drive around nearly as much anymore since I'm staying home with the baby, I don't play it very often. So that makes it even better that we get to sing it on Sundays sometimes. So today's picture is in honor of that awesome song!!!!


  1. that's awesome that you busted out your camera in church. we got a little business card for this new sunday school class starting next week at second...i thought about taking a picture of it!

  2. didn't take the picture at church - I have the cd, so took a picture of the cd jacket with the words.....

  3. Welcome to the blog world, Cheryl!

    I learned at Thanksgiving that my SIL knows the author of the Revelation song - as we sang it in her church in Dallas that weekend.