Sunday, January 24, 2010

pics 24 - men and cleaning!

What is it with men and cleaning? Is it just my husband who doesn't see details, or all men? I tend to think it's a guy thing. Doug cleaned out the lint in the dryer hose this afternoon (for which I am very grateful). He moved the dryer and washer back into place, but had to be...ahem...reminded to finish cleaning up the lint on the floor and put the baskets of dirty/clean laundry back. He was very proud of himself that he initiated using clorox wipes to wipe the lint off the top of the dryer. When I went in the laundry room, the top of the dryer was fine, but right next to it, there was lint all on top of the washer! Really just cracks me up that he didn't 'see' that part, even though it was RIGHT THERE. Ah, my dear husband. I still love him of course! And, am very grateful he did the yucky lint clean out. So there's my main pic of the day, the lint on the washer. And, added in a pic of my precious baby sleeping on my shoulder.


  1. hilarious! I feel the same about my hubby...tries to help, means well, but just doesn't see the details! And BTW, love the pict of you with Baby E! So sweet!

  2. i love when james says, "i cleaned the kitchen." i go in and see and he hasn't cleaned off the table or wiped the counters down. THE KITCHEN IS NOT CLEAN!!! ha ha