Friday, January 8, 2010

Picture 8: baby friends

Today was soooo cold, especially for south Texas! I thought E looked so cute since his pajamas matched the blanket, so just had to take this picture of him looking all so cute and cuddly. Plus, I'm having a good time playing with my portrait lens that is manual focus. (It's auto focus on my film Nikon camera, but can only be in manual on my digital Nikon, which is a big bummer. So gotta practice with focusing). Marie next door invited us over to make cookies with Sean Carlos, Ciana, and Giselle. Giselle is just a few days older than E! Since this was Marie's third baby, she was my "Pregnancy Mentor" during my pregnancy. It was great being able to ask her questions and get her advice during those 37 weeks. She even came with me to Babies R Us to explain to me what all the baby gadgets were for and give insight about what we might need vs. what Babies R Us lets you think you need. So, back to today. I took a lot of pictures of the "big" kids making cookies, and several of sweet Giselle sleeping. Aren't these the sweetest babies you ever did see?! Oh, and it's good I took that picture this morning. E had his four month check up today and got shots, I have never seen his face get so red or see him so mad as he was after those shots. Poor little thing!! He's recovering though and I know will be back to his regular smiley self tomorrow. That's life for today!

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