Monday, January 11, 2010

Picture 11 - what a (normal) day

So today, I:

  • got the baby out of his crib at 7:20, woke up to the sounds of him cooing and talking

  • dusted the den and dining room

  • vacuumed

  • vacuumed and mopped kitchen floor

  • did the Wii workout, during 'rest' times entertained the baby, I'm sure that would have been a sight to see

  • read 3 books with baby

  • paid the water bill

  • got the exterminator bill straightened out

  • showered and brushed my teeth

  • nursed the baby 5 times, mom gave him one bottle

  • had the oil changed and car washed

  • had teeth cleaned at the dentist

  • read 78 pages of cheesy grocery store novel while waiting for car and at dentist

  • avoided buying any fast food

  • fed dogs twice

  • took out trash and recycling to curb

  • went for short walk around the lake with baby

  • took a picture for today's blog of baby in his new bumbo chair

  • washed and dried one load of the baby's clothes

  • watched the new episode of Chuck, managing to keep baby content/quiet during that hour

  • put baby to bed

  • updated blog

  • would love to have a big 'ol glass of wine but would feel guilty since I'm still nursing the baby

  • truly felt like a MOM and loving every minute of it!


  1. i'm exhausted after reading what you did today! you are awesome!!!

  2. can't believe you did all that? Are you the Proverbs 31 woman? you go girl!