Sunday, February 7, 2010

day 37 and 38: what's in a name?

Today was Eli's baby dedication at church. Baptists don't baptize infants, or sprinkle them, we don't do "christenings" - but we do have our dedication time. Usually the parents stand up front with their baby and the pastor says a few words about raising the child in a Christian home, sometimes there's a responsive reading by the congregation as they acknowledge they will be a Christian example, that kind of thing. When I went to large churches, the parents all stood in a line with their babies or young children, and the pastor would approach each one, shake their hand/take a picture, along with the usual addressing the congregation. Being in such a small church, where there are only like 2 or 3 infants/babies in the entire church, we can take a little more time with our dedications. Doug prepared a little dialogue to share about why we chose Elijah for E's name, and the prayers we have for him. I didn't see what he wrote until this morning. Last night, Doug's parents were here, and I was rushing around as usual trying to clean up the place since we were having family over for lunch after church. I noticed Doug on his computer and did feel some slight annoyance, as I wanted him up and helping me more. Well this morning as I read over his speech, my heart just melted and all was forgiven. I just had to share what he wrote. I am so proud of Doug for writing, and sharing this! I pray that as parents we will do our best to raise E to love God and always seek His will. So, here is what he shared:

When Cheryl and I found out that we were having a child we were both very excited. Our child’s name was very important to us. We wanted a name to embody our prayers for our Child. We named him Elijah and we pray that he will follow in the footsteps of his namesake in the following ways:

Elijah exhibited a great faith in God when he confronted Ahab and Jezebel to tell them there would be no rain until he said. This showed that Elijah had given God control and Lordship over his live. Eli, we pray that as you grow you will trust Jesus as your Savior and we pray that you will make him the Lord of your life.

God called Elijah to a creek in the Kerith Ravine, where the Ravens fed him. Elijah exhibited patience as he waited for him. In all the desires of your heart, we pray that you will wait on the Lord and have faith that God always provide.

After God called Elijah to another town, he led him to a widow who gave him shelter. Elijah showed great mercy to the widow after her son died. Elijah listened to the widow mourn and after that he went to the son’s room and prayed for God to restore his life. Eli, we pray that you will minister to the less fortunate as God places them in your path.

God called Elijah to confront the prophets of Baal. Elijah showed was bold in this challenge demonstrating his faith in God. Eli, we pray that you will boldly follow God’s directions.

After the challenge of on Mt. Carmel, Elijah’s faith was challenged. He began to have doubts and he questioned God. So much that he hid under a broom tree in the wilderness. God spoke to Elijah in his weakness and Elijah’s faith endured. Eli we know that there will be challenges in your life. We pray that you will develop an enduring faith in God that will carry your through these tough times.

As Elijah’s time was coming to and end on Earth, he mentored his replacement Elisha. You could tell the love between Elijah and Elisha as Elisha followed him up until the point where God called Elijah up into Heaven. As Jesus commanded us in the great commission, we pray that you will take hold of the opportunities that God give you to invest in the lives of those around you.

We love you son and we commit showing you God’s love and teaching you His word. We know that God has a wonderful plan for you and look forward to walking with you as God shows you his plan.
Still feeling a little gooey, even reading it now. Following are some pictures from today:

Hopefully one of these days I'll have just one chin.

Yesterday, I was going to post the day's picture relating to the guys' trip to the shooting range. Doug, his dad, my brother, both brother-in-laws, and Collin took a bunch of guns to the shooting range. I took a picture of the gun that Doug's grandfather had given him, suppose one day that will be passed to Eli. Also took a picture of Doug's new gun he bought last month. The issue is, I hate guns. Just don't like them, don't like them in the house, don't like the thought of Eli shooting one, one of these days. I know that is just something I have to deal with. But I decided not to post the picture of the gun, because it just doesn't go on the same page as the baby dedication. I just can't have a picture of a gun alongside one of my baby! So, for yesterday's picture, I'll post some I took of the baby. Ahhhh, now that's better than a gun picture!



  1. WOWSERS! that is an amazing dedication to eli! he is so lucky to have you both as parents. and even though the wait seemed like forever, eli was definitely worth it all.

    as for your chin comment...i'm really hoping we can move to CR. i have found a few houses that i hope to look at this week. then we can go on walks together and maybe even be gym buddies!

  2. I am so glad that you posted the message that Doug gave yesterday for Eli. It brought tears (again) as I read it. You both will be wonderful parents (are) throughout Eli's life. Eli is a special little guy and I love all three of you with all my heart.

  3. Cheryl (and Doug) that was the BEST baby dedication EVER. I am so glad I was able to be there!

    You may have started a new dedication tradition - having the dad share testimony about the baby.

    What a wonderful story!