Saturday, February 27, 2010

57 and 58 - time with the grandparents!

Friday night we went to Doug's parent's house to spend a little time with them. Eli couldn't take his eyes off of his Pa!

On Saturday, spotted this woodpecker on the tree outside the living room window. I was able to take several pictures from the couch inside - they came out great considering I was shooting through the window! I think the window just acted as a filter. I love how you can see all of the holes the bird has made. This tree was very popular with several birds. If I lived here, I would spend a lot of time looking out this window, probably with camera in hand...

Moving on to solids these days. Here we are trying out carrots. So far, so good.

Hanging out with Pa! I love the light in their dining room.

Hi everyone! Too bad you can't see his tooth - we can FEEL his tooth on his bottom gum, but can't really see it just yet. Maybe it has just broken through? Time will tell!

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  1. looks like eli had a great time visiting his grandparents!