Friday, February 5, 2010

day 36 - my winter garden

Some may call this the evil "w" word - "weed" - I like to use another "w" word - "winter landscaping."

Look how nicely the bright green contrasts with the dead stuff! And, in this picture, you can see the sign of life trying to force it's way out. One of these days will get to these front yard flower beds and clean them up. One day.

Marie and I took the babies and 2 yr old Ciana on a walk today.

Ciana loved looking at the ducks. I think it's funny how the ducks see strollers and children and come flocking over. You can tell they know strollers plus kids equals bread being thrown to them. Unfortunately, we didn't bring any with us.

Hello Duck! Or as our baby Einstein book says, "hola Pato"

Ciana needed a little encouragement to keep on walking with us! It's much more fun to look at the ducks, throw things in the water, etc.

cutie pie.

Hola, Pato number 2. I love how his head is reflected in the water.

Big White Bird has a friend! (my photoshop isn't working; if it was, I would have cropped this picture in so you could see the birds better. Oh well!)

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  1. winter landscaping made me laugh! love the picture of marie and ciana! next time pass the camera to marie and get her to take a picture of you and eli!