Tuesday, February 9, 2010

pic 40 - Dear Scrapbook

Dear Scrapbook Supplies,
oh, how I've missed you! Look at you, all slopped into that basket, quickly stuffed away as I tidied up the work room. Look at you, all non-sorted and messy. At least you are in the new way cute and cool basket I bought to store you in. Even though that is not how I intended to use that basket. One day, you will be sorted properly! I am sure of it!

Hi, cricut! Are you dying to try out those new cartridges I bought back at Thanksgiving? Are you feeling dusty and un-loved? I haven't forgotten about you, I promise!

Hello dear embellisments. And ribbons. And look, my 12 inch cutter! You're still there, my faithful friend! Are you all feeling lonely, sitting there lamely in those drawers, just waiting to dress up a scrapbook page?
One day, I just know it, one day soon, I will organize you all properly, and actually take you out of your boxes and put on paper. Thank you for not taunting me every time I glance into the room. I am sorry you have been left on your own all these months. Please don't start to wrinkle, or become un-sticky. Until we meet again - take care.


  1. another box of scrapbook supplies are due to arrive via ups today and i haven't used any of the other supplies i've had for weeks...maybe even months. it's pretty ridiculous. i'm sure a lot of my rub ons won't even work anymore. ugh.

  2. I love it!! one day my, friend! Stace

  3. I was thinking, just today, I need to bring my cricut over for a playdate with your cricut.

    They could both use some "playtime":)