Monday, March 4, 2013

Crib Love

I love my babies. And I love how they love each other. We heard Analise upstairs in her crib, waking up from nap. Told Eli to go talk to Analise in her crib to keep her company, while I was finishing up doing something (don't remember what) before I could get to her. Look at my sweeties:

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Adding a Little Spring to Outside

When my sister moved out of her house last year, she gave us these two metal planters. They have been shuffled around the garage for a while now, so I finally got them out, along with the right tools and planting stuff, so Doug could hang them outside. New flowering plants really makes it feel like Spring!

Yee Haw!!

We love the rodeo - but shudder at the thought of taking both kiddos to the huge Houson one. We decided this year to try out the local, Katy Rodeo. It was so fun! Definitely will go again next year - maybe we can stay longer than an hour at the actual rodeo part! The neighbors came too, the kids loved being with each other and had such a good time.

Rodeo morning preview.


I don't know why she was making this face, but I love it!

Handsome cowboy!

Howdy, Beckett!

We had to bribe them to stand still long enough for a picture.

I don't know why but I love this picture of Doug, it cracks me up!

Beth "helped" Eli win at the water gun game!

Can you spot our three musketeers, running?!

Laundry Room Mini Makeover

Guess I've got the "it's almost spring, time to clean out" bug, because I just couldn't stand my disorganized laundry room for one more minute. I had seen a few blog posts, thanks to pinterest, on how some folks had organized a smaller laundry space, and felt inspired - so, here you go!

The "before" pictures are really embarrassing by the way- oh well, no secrets around here I guess!

The three best things the laundry room had going for it - the wall color (I love it), my cool vintage aprons as curtains, and the artwork. Don't you just love the "I don't know what to do with this pile" shoved against the wall?

I started clearing off the shelf before taking a picture. So usually there's not stuff on top of the washer.

Lovely way to store the chargers for the weedeaters.

Pulled all of this junk off the big shelf. I had no idea I had four different floor cleaners.

Mid-sorting process, after baskets were purchased.


We added a second shelf, to help get stuff off the floor - the large utility tote is holding cake decorating supplies. Some of the other items on the floor were trashed, put in the garage, etc.

I LOVE my little owl jar thingy that I bought to hold loose change found in pockets.

Kind of artsy pic of my cleaners!
I bought .79 cent wood plaques at Michael's, painted them with chalkboard paint, glued scrapbook ribbon on them, and tied them to the baskets. Mainly to look cute. I love them.

And the last piece, a new rug - it's microfiber chenile, and feels awesome. It's a light yellow color.
Going in the laundry room now makes me happy!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Sibling Love

I have been so impressed with Eli lately and how he is starting to really play with Analise. We often bathe them together, and the other night, they ran around naked and giggling together, and jumped on his bed. I didn't take any pictures since I didn't want those pictures to come back and haunt them one day, but I loved the innocence and fun of it all. Here are a few pictures of Eli-initiated, lovin' on his sister...


Getting ready for the rodeo tonight! By the way, side note on Eli's outfit: this morning was the first time he brought me a pair of pants and shirt from his closet, asking to get dressed, first thing in the morning. Usually he likes hanging out in his pj's and puts on whatever I bring him!

And here, he is showing her how to play with the packing peanuts from a recent delivery!