Saturday, January 23, 2010

pic 23 - looking towards the future

This late afternoon/early evening, we had a celebration service at the clubhouse near our church's property, where the church is going to be built. Folks could go on a "prayer walk" around the property; we got there late, and it was really windy, so we didn't walk the entire property, but did walk a little and stopped to pray. The church is in the process of voting to move forward with starting the construction on our building, it's exciting times. It's also scary, because that's quite the monetary committment too. Our church right now still meets in a school. It's funny, I never thought I would go to a church that met in a temporary location like a school. Guess I was feeling kind of snobby that way. But Doug and I really like our church - it's the people that make a church, not the building. But once we have the building, we can do so much more ministry-wise. It feels like the people at church have gotten a lot closer during all of this process. In a small church, it's pretty obvious when a family decides to leave, and it always hurts when people choose to leave for whatever reason. So there have been times when people have left, not agreeing (I guess) with the direction the church has been going, or whatever. I don't know. But right now, seems like we are all looking in the same direction, trying to let the Lord lead us!!!

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  1. how exciting for your church. and for your family too. i'm sure it is a scary investment financially, but i'm sure the rewards will be worth more than any money that is spent.