Saturday, January 2, 2010

Days One and Two!

So now I'm blogging! Quite exciting. I set up this blog yesterday, and discovered that I had mispelled (am I miss-spelling mispelled?) the name of the blog in the URL portion!! Ergh!! so deleted that blog, and am starting over. Thankfully was able to get my same title by putting dashes between the words. So, here is my place to just type and babble and post pictures and talk about them! yippee! I decided to do the "Project 365" and take a picture every day. Well, most days I take lots of pictures, but will pick just one to highlight per day. Will post yesterday's and today's on this post. Day One: took a picture of my most recent project, a simple cross-stitch I picked up in the clearance bin at Michael's. I used to cross-stitch all the time several years ago and really enjoyed it, I find it relaxing. and like the end product. Now, I just cross-stitch occasionally, usually something simple I think I can put in my house somewhere. This one is a dove holding a boquet of flowers. Most cross-stitch things are not "in vogue" but I still like them. this one really doesn't "go" anywhere in the house but guess I'll figure it out when I'm finished. Day Two: took E to the dog park today for the first time. Trip wasn't a total Fail, as Maggie and Lucy ran and had a great time. Even saw another bloodhound that looked VERY much like Maggie. E didn't seem to be as comfortable, riding around in the baby bjorn carrier - maybe he was cold? (sorry mom - but he did have on a jacket! with a hood! and socks!) Doug took this picture of E, I like it because you can see the reflection of Doug taking the picture in E's eyes. So even though technically I didn't take the picture, I am letting it still count in my project 365.

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  1. i love the way the sun is shining through the right side of eli's hoodie and face. great shot doug!