Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pic 20 - my mail obsession

I don't know when I started becoming obsessed with mail. But for whatever reason, I love mail. I love going to the mailbox, and get my mail pretty much every day. You never know what is going to be in there. A magazine? Invitation to a wedding, or baby shower? a check from Publisher's Clearing House? a thank you note? Some really great 50% off coupons? The list is endless! Last year, I got a letter saying I had "unclaimed money." It was totally legit, too! I was one of THOSE people, name in the newspaper and everything, listed as someone who had unclaimed money. Rather than use the company that contacted me about it, I did a little looking online, and sure enough, someone out there had a check for me for about $750. In the recesses of my memory, I vaguely recall one of the apartment complexes I had lived in sending me two refunds from my deposit (after I moved out), but I thought I had mailed one back, or tore it up, something like that. That's all I can figure, I have no idea where that money came from, but it was for Cheryl Stitzlein, that's me, so there ya go. We now have can lights and a new light fixture in the kitchen because of it. When my identity was stolen back in 2003, I dreaded going to the mailbox for about a month, as I kept getting the forwarded credit cards that the theives had opened in my name, or attempted to open. Still makes me shudder to think about it, that is such a violating feeling, having your identity stolen. On the thankful side, it was good I was getting those credit cards in the mail so I could cancel them and stop the rolling tide those freaks had started. See, even that bad experience did not turn me off from getting my mail! Ah, the mail. Probably why I like stationary products too, because you can MAIL notecards. When I was in the hospital for the week having the baby, Doug would go home periodically to check on things, and one day he came back and said he had a surprise for me - the mail!! He knew that would make me happy. When we first moved in to our house, I met the mailman; I told him how I like to get my mail every day, and he smiled and said, "I like you already." Hee hee!

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  1. not only do i love getting mail, but i love to send it.