Thursday, January 7, 2010

Picture 7: furry love

I am cheating today and including TWO pictures. You know how hard it is to try to get two dogs to pose together?! So, two pictures it is since there are two dogs. Just wanted to showcase my furry children. We bought Lucy (lab/german sheperd mix) from some lady on the side of the road back in June of 2007; she was 8 weeks old. We bought Maggie (bloodhound) from a breeder up in Canton in March of 2008; she was 12 weeks old. Of course they have been removed from their doggie pedestals since the baby came along, but we still very much love our pups. They have torn up the back yard, they track dirt into the kitchen and living room every day, and have jumped on my bed with dirty feet too many times to count. But nothing can beat seeing the love they have for their owners in their eyes! We've been proud of how they have behaved around Eli. Maggie chewed on only one of E's toys (although has destroyed at least 2 pacifiers). For the most part, they leave his stuff alone, as though they know those particular items belong to the newest member of the pack, and the Alpha Dogs are very protective of that new little guy! I hope they continue to be patient with Eli once he becomes mobile and a little more interested in them. These two furry loves are definitely a part of our every-day life!
P.S. After broadcasting to the entire blog world about my dirty shower and stairs earlier in the week, just wanted to make sure I let all know that I did clean both of those areas and now they are *sparkling*
P.P.S. I am making a concentrated effort to post pictures of a variety of things in our everyday life - it's hard because I could just take a picture every day of the baby and be perfectly content, but figured that might bore the readers!

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