Saturday, March 13, 2010

72 - today's garden adventure

There is no pic/day 71. I must announce to all of Blogdom, I skipped a day in my "project 365." Yesterday was just an icky day. Had a feverish baby, a not-feeling-well husband, which made for a cranky Me, full of frustrations about things in the house, and the yard, and whatever else came into my path actually. So a picture did not get taken. But today is a different story! A do-over, a new day, fresh start, clean slate. This post is chock-full of pictures. Gorgeous sunshine today, it was perfect weather for scouting out flowers and mulch for our front flowerbeds. First, we drove down to the Ft. Bend County Master Gardner's plant sale. That was a bust unfortunately. If I had questions to ask these Master people, that would have been perfect, but I didn't - we just wanted to buy plants. All of the pretty, flowering things were sold out! I did take one picture, I thought this was a clever way of transporting more than one wagon at a time:

As we drove back towards home, we stopped at a garden place called Enchanted Gardens. This place was awesome, I loved it! Will definitely go back. They had all kinds of plants, and a really cute gift shop.

I even caught a pic of a little bitty butterfly on these flowers.

This card was in the gift shop. When the magical day happens that I scrapbook again, I want to use this in a title for a page in Eli's book.

This would look good in my garden. But I didn't buy it.

This would look good too. But not purchased.

It's hard to really see these cool metal plant stakes, but I DID buy one of these, will be pictured here eventually. I love this brand, "Round Top Collection." I have a couple of other metal pieces for Easter and Christmas that I put in the front yard. I bought a cute little birdhouse. But I love these kites too.

Just another neat decorative area at the plant place.

The front beds, waiting to get rejuvinated.

My cute metal birdhouse stake. I don't know why but this brings me so much joy when I look at it. I love it's whimsy look and bright colors. I moved it in front of another bush.

Cutting back the hibiscus. We're not sure it made it through the freezes, seems pretty dead. I wouldn't mind planting something else in it's place (shhhh don't let the plant hear me say that).

Azalea blooms getting ready!

Doug took over for me after a while.

Planted the taller purple flowers and impatiens on either side of the walkway. Should have swept that before taking the picture.

Made a sort of design with these plants. Geraniums, impatients, and some other new small flower. I think when they really start growing and spreading out it will look good.

To the left of the new large plant area, are the struggling remains of the blue plumbago plants. If they don't come back, I will buy some more to go in that same place. Also planning on getting some big rocks to line the edge of the bed. Ran out of time and steam today to get the rocks. Ever since we moved in I wanted landscaping rocks for these beds.

Yep, been working in the dirt today!

Took a "family" walk with to the park when Eli was up from his nap and planting was done.
All in all, a pretty good day.

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