Thursday, March 4, 2010

63 - cooking with eggshells

We have new neighbors that are moving in next door, in Marie's old house. We've met them out on the driveway, and they seem like neat people - they have a baby that is about a month older than E, so that's pretty cool. I decided yesterday to make them some cookies and give them our phone number, in case they need anything. You know, being all neighbor-ly. So, I made a batch of cookies from SCRATCH. I haven't made chocolate chip cookies in forever! I don't know if I measured wrong or what, but they were waaaay too salty. I felt like I could pick salt out of my teeth after having a bite. Yeah, pretty ick. So today I started a new batch, and made sure to go easy on the salt. As I was cracking the eggs into the already-turned-on mixing bowl, I accidently dropped like half an egg shell into the batter! I quickly pulled the mixer up out of the dough, spraying some on my foot in the process. I managed to fish out some pieces of shell, hoping I got all of it. I refused to throw out another batch! After I baked them, I had to do some serious examination of each cookie to break out a few more pieces. Pretty sure I got them all.
Can you see the little white shell pieces?

I tried taking over the cookies tonight, I saw cars in the driveway, but nobody answered the door. So guess I'll try again tomorrow! Don't think I'll mention the egg shells. :)

Here's a few more pictures from today that were too cute not to share:

Eli helping me bake cookies.

First time in the swing at the park! It was kind of chilly so we didn't stay long at all. Can't wait to try again in the middle of the day when the sun is out.

My two favorite guys!!!!!

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