Monday, May 3, 2010

Quick Updates

My computer crashed AGAIN - had to get a new hard drive - sooooo, behind on the blog. Here are a few pics and updates from the past few days. Actually, not that much with "updating" our lives - just cute pics of my kid and garden. Wish I had pictures from Sat evening - we went boot scootin' on Sat night for my sister in law's birthday, and I really needed pictures of THAT to post, but didn't bring my camera out dancing. Hadn't been dancing in YEARS and loved it. Used to go all the time when I first graduated and moved back to Houston, but eventually that group of friends drifted apart and I stopped going. Glad Doug knows how to two-step! Now I want to take lessons so we can turn better, and maybe I can polka. Maybe you'll see something about that in future posts! So back to the pictures I'm posting. Nothing too exciting, but of course to me, they're fabulous. :)

Look at me in my big boy shirt and jeans! Going to Aunt Laura's and hanging out with Pa and Meme while mom and dad go dancing!

This is from today. Originally, E was facing his toys. I walk away and come back to find him digging around in his diaper box. Toys are so over-rated.

Look how huge the tomato plants are getting! and the squash! Finally have 3 tomatoes growing. Blooming. Sprouting. Whatever you call it.

Ok Birds you better leave my tomatoes alone!

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