Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Define Motherhood....

I saw this "define motherhood" challenge on about 3 blogs I read today (can you tell I've been avoiding doing more necessary things by getting caught up in reading blogs?!). As I looked through my pictures, trying to find "defining" moments - I just couldn't do it! I take that back - not that I can't do it at all - I don't know that I can properly define motherhood through these pictures. My heart overflows too much for words as I look at my baby, as I go back through and see how he's grown, how I'VE grown, over the past 8 months. I believe someone was having a give-away contest type thing for these "defining motherhood" pictures, but since I don't know that person, have no idea what that part is about, I am just posting pictures for my own gratuitous purposes. Here's a peek inside my heart:

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  1. What a fabulous post! I love all the pictures and the new layout, but my favorite shot is the black and white where E is looking up at you. I especially love these picts because we get to see you with your boy on your blog! You can tell that your heart is bursting with love for this little guy! And you can tell you adore being a mom. How blessed E is to have you for his mommy!