Monday, May 10, 2010

Not Just Any Pot

During our Mother's Day get together at mom's house, mom was lamenting what the dishwasher detergent had done to this pot. I wasn't sure what the fuss was about - looks like this pot has seen better days, and doesn't she have others that would work better? My sister piped in, "oh, that's the pot dad brought into the marriage." Apparently it was one of the few pot/pan/dishes he had before he and mom were married. I think Laura said he used this to cook his red beans and rice (he was from Louisiana after all), and mom used it for years to make spaghetti and rice. So this pot is more than 45 years old. I've mentioned before on the blog how it was hard to really "know" dad because his disease, M.S., robbed him of so much. So, whenever I do find out something about dad that I didn't know before, a glimpse into his personality, in who he was without the M.S. - well, I just really treasure that glimpse. It's really hard to explain, even for this gal who loves words. Even something just as simple as this pot, something that dad had, used - makes me feel a little closer to him, to the memories I have of him. Miss you, dad.


  1. This one made me really cry. I just wish he had lived long enough to have known his own children as adults and to have cherished the lives of his grandchildren. I'll bet he's looking down on all this even though we cannot always understand God's plan.

  2. beautiful post. I have tears in my eyes...