Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Manual Focus

I have this lens, this beautiful camera lens, that takes beautiful pictures. If, and only if, I can maintain focus. On my film camera, it is auto focus, but can only go in manual focus mode when I put it on my digital SLR. I get so frustrated with it, that I put it away for a while. Then I get the itch to play with it again.

This picture of G would have been soooo cute if only in focus!When it's kinda small like it is here on the blog, it doesn't look too bad. My playgroup friends are my lucky participants in my photo world. Thank goodness Marie and Jaime don't mind me snapping away. Taking pictures of kids with manual focus is almost impossible for me. Still objects, no problem. Adults who can hold still, no problem. Kids are my favorite subjects though (ok, besides flowers I suppose) and I am just not quick enough with the focus to capture them consistently!

Today, I did get this fairly decent one of baby E. Wearing his bib as usual, playing with newspaper ads. Playing with paper can keep him busy for like half an hour. Every picture on this blog it seems like he's in the same place, on the den floor. I promise he does move around the house - he even has a jumparoo! - and goes for walks. Just felt the need to share that....

One more of Mr. E.

I have done a little looking around, and it's appearing that they don't make that lens for my digital camera body that can be auto focus. So now I'm looking around the house for things I can sell to buy me a new camera! Well, not seriously looking. But keeping my eye out. Why did I have to fall in love with such an expensive hobby....

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