Sunday, May 23, 2010

Creative Nest

Whenever I'm working on a project, I tend to make a nest for myself. When I sit on the floor for a project, I tend to sort items and make stacks all around myself. Same goes for working at a table:

Yep, had to step over stuff to get into the chair.

I love making these nests. If you look closely, you can see I was working on my Halloween layout for Eli's book - see the title "Eliasaurus"? He had a dinosaur costume.

Yes, it's harder to scrapbook these days with a baby around. And he's not even all that mobile yet! I love digital scrapbooks too, they are fun and easy, but right now I don't see myself totally giving up my paper and glue. I LOVE scrapbook paper. Love to just look at it sometimes. If I were a hoarder, that is what I would hoard. My sister loves fabric. I love paper. Actually, I love pretty fabrics too. But sewing just frustrates me because I have a hard time understanding the instructions on the patterns. That's another blog post I guess. Back to current topic. I love preserving memories through pictures and albums. I don't care how hokey that sounds, it's true. At family gatherings I always try to get everyone in a picture, I think it's important to be able to look back at the pictures and know who was around, what did they look like, what was going on at that moment in our lives. I know one doesn't HAVE to scrapbook in order to preserve these memories, but for this arts and crafts girl, it's a good combination. I know when E is old enough he will enjoy seeing the pictures of himself in his book, and reading what his mom wrote about him. I don't know that he will treasure these albums his whole life (but I bet his future wife will be glad to see them!) and that's ok. I know he will appreciate them at least. Speaking of baby E, he appears to be stuck by the rocking chair so I will end this post now.....


  1. Maybe you like to document our family gatherings because your mother stopped taking pictures, etc. after you were born!! You were the third child and I was never very good at keeping up with your baby books. When you began school, there was always a school picture each year and that's pretty much my record of your youth. But I still love that you are keeping picture diaries of Eli and

  2. fellow scrapbookers, unite!! he, he! You know how I feel about it...can't give up my papers, cropper and tape runner, either, even though digital is so much faster. So keep srapping and hoarding those papers :)