Monday, April 12, 2010

Frumpalicious no more (well, when it comes to flip flops)

I have to admit, I don't have a great sense of style when it comes to clothes. I love jewelry, but choosing clothes has always been a pain - probably because I'm usually in a stage of gaining or losing weight. So in general, I guess my style is a little on the frumpy side. Not always, but definitely lately. When it comes to shoes, I have never been a huge flip-flop person, even though I know they are in style. Last summer I needed to wear them, as they were one of the few footwear items that still fit my swollen pregnant self.
Here they are. My trusty flip flops. I wear these in the backyard, to take out the trash, to the grocery store sometimes, that kind of thing.

If you look closely you can see the teeth marks where Maggie chewed on them at some point. Didn't keep me from wearing them.

This is the pair I bought when I was like 8 or 9 months pregnant and NOTHING was fitting my feet anymore. They are size NINE, and I usually wear a SEVEN. They don't look like they are 2 sizes too big in this picture. They were cute and way on sale, and got me through a few weeks. So, not too frumpy.

So this past Saturday, I was at a craft show with a $20 gift certificate to spend. And I saw those "Yellow Box" flip flops. I only see them at cutesy stores or craft shows, and they are expensive, and I guess trendy. Usually look like they've been bedazzled. And I wanted some. So I did it. Put my gift certificate towards a real live pair of blinged out flip flops.

Of course, now I need a professional pedicure to go with my new footwear. I feel like a four year old wearing play shoes in a way, since these are not the norm for my frumpalicious wardrobe. But they sure are fun. Here's another angle -

Hee hee. At least my feet can be trendy.

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  1. love your new sandals!! I love the rhinestone bling and the polka-dots! So fun for summer!! Glad you indulged! :)