Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Zoo

I've been wanting to take E to the zoo, even though he's kinda young to actually appreciate it. We decided though on Memorial Day to take the plunge and go. Part of me thinks E would have been just as entertained looking at objects in the mall - we both wondered if looking at the exhibits for him was kind of like watching t.v., particularly if the animals were far away. But no matter, it's still a good experience to expose him to Real Life! And WE enjoyed ourselves as well. So, here's some highlights from the day:

Grandma came with us. Don't they look so cute in their hats?!

Hello, Mr. Meerkat.

E looking at his fan instead of the giraffes.

Precious baby elephant, less than 4 weeks old.

CUTE little baby monkey thing. Not as cute as MY cute little monkey thing.

I will NOT make a comment about how I need to crop my rear out of this picture.

Our first carousel ride.

The end of zoo day.

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