Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The butterfly progresses...so we hope

Update on the chrysalis/butterfly in the making that is hanging on for dear life on a pot on my mom's back porch. They have turned black. I guess the outer shell has to die for the new little thing inside to be able to bust out - at least that is what we are hoping. Mom thinks they're dead. I am still holding out, hoping they are just taking their time to mature. There's a commercial advertising windows or doors or something like that, and they show an image of a chrysalis that looks JUST like the one at mom's house, and in flash of a scene they show it black before the butterfly comes out. So, based on this surely scientific based knowledge of what I have seen in a commercial, I choose to believe the butterfly is just taking his or her sweet time getting out. I mean c'mon, it's hot out here. Maybe it feels more comfortable in it's little house. You can definitely see the wings through the black shell, looks like a monarch butterfly. See if you can see that in the picture:

Another angle. Today is day 12 of incubation (you think butterfly people call it that?) and supposedly they just need 8 to 12 days to...well become butterflies. I'm pulling for you, butterfly! Bust outta there!!!

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