Saturday, January 8, 2011

Accumulators of Crap

Usually this time of year, I get the urge to purge. My closets, that is. It's like once I start, I have a really hard time stopping! Cleaned out our closet in the bedroom - I'm always amazed at clothing items that somehow survived all the previous clean outs. I was more ruthless with myself this time, getting rid of clothes that had sentimental value (i.e., I could wear when I was MUCH thinner). Tossed shoes, purses, a fanny pack. Yep, a fanny pack. Like I need to wear anything that would somehow draw attention to my fanny. Thing is, when I look at the closet even now, there are still things that could go (ahem, about 50% of Doug's t-shirts probably). I moved down to the hall coat closet, and our laundry room next. Check out the haul from just those areas:

See that cool black wire bird cage looking thingy? I had great plans for it I tell you, great plans. I really thought I could somehow make it into a porch light for our front porch. When I bought it two years ago. Yes, I am an ambitious thinker when it comes to my crafts (remember my Advent Calendar made from baby food jars idea that never came to fruition?) Since it's been sitting in the hall closet all this time, and there is absolutely no place to put it in the house - I gave it up. I still need to attack our spare room closet, not looking forward to that one at all. Because, I have to make some hard decisions. I swear I am not a hoarder, but there are certain items I have a hard time parting with and it's easier to just not deal with it, know what I mean? So slowly over the next couple of months, more cleaning out will occur. It IS a good feeling when it's all said and done!

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