Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ornament Memory Lane

I love getting out the ornaments for the tree. We have such an eccletic collection, and I absolutely love it, wouldn't have it any other way. Growing up, we had brightly colored ornaments on our tree, commercial-store bought ones mixed in with popsicle stick frames and glitter, pictures of us three kids from various stages in elementary school. Some folks have all matchy-matchy trees, using only silver or gold ornaments, big red bows strategically placed; and that's great - for them. Not for me! When I was single and living in different apartments, I always had a tree, and would buy random ornaments in addition to ones that were more "special." Through the years, I've tried to weed out the more random ornaments, focusing on keeping the ones that bring a smile, a memory, a laugh. This year, the ornaments are crowded on the top half to two-thirds of the tree, since I wasn't sure how Eli was going to react having such brightly colored, fun (and breakable) little trinkets within easy reach. So far so good, he will touch the soft ones purposely placed at the bottom of the tree, but has in general left it alone. Feeling nostalgic about my ornaments, I decided tonight to take some pictures of a few favorites and post them. Lighting isn't the best, so please forgive my slightly out of focus pictures - but they are good enough to tell the story.

Eli's name is on the other side of this one - bought last year, our first family ornament.

The Christmas Ghost. Doug bought this for me last year from a shop in Old Town Spring (on our annual date day), thinking it was a snowman - but nope, it's a ghost.

Got the dancing ballerina snow-girl at a work ornament exchange more than five years ago, and I just love her!

I can't explain why I just love this santa in an airplane one. Bought it years ago, something about it just appealed to me, and the tree is not complete without it.

Ornament we bought on our visit to Amsterdam.

Nativity ornament from Peru, when Doug and I went when we were first dating! Such a GREAT Trip.

Eli's little handprint last year in late November, he was only 3 months old but I took him to the ceramic place and somehow managed to get his handprint on one side, and tiny footprint on the other.

My Aunt Marlene gave this bear to me one year, because it reminded her of me and the Baylor Bears. She passed away last year, just a month or so before Eli was born. I still miss her, what a fabulous lady. She was very special to me.

Eli's first Christmas ornament, bought by me. He was given probably 4 or 5 other "Baby's First Christmas," but this one holds a special place since his momma picked it out!

Hard to see this on in the picture, but it's a globe. Bought it last year or year before, and it totally made me think of my dad - he loved maps - so I bought it in his honor and memory. Looking at it makes me think of him.

One of my favorite ornaments from my mom. Several years in a row she has given me an ornament, and is passing that tradition on to her grandchildren. She said the colors and design made her think of me. I love it!

"Our Frist Christmas" together ornament bought the year we were  married (and it was our first Christmas!)

I worked in an after school program sophomore through senior year in college; the artist who made these came to the school and sold them one day. My good friend Eva, who worked with me but also went to Baylor and was the same major, bought this for me as a gift. It always makes me think of her. We truly crossed cultural lines and stereotypes at Baylor (and in Waco) to become very good friends.

Random snowman I bought in Pennsylvania while at a convention. Just really like him!

So, that sums up quite a few favorites. There are more, but, not enough room to include them all. While I was working on this post, Doug asked, "whatcha writing about? how much you love your husband?" So, to conclude my post - have I mentioned lately how much I really do love my dear sweet husband? He's the best!

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