Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Singing Niece

I still can't believe Grace is fifteen years old. 15. FIFTEEN. I remember taking her to build a bear for her birthday several years in a row, then going to eat Chic fil a for lunch. And now she's in high school. We are so proud of her, she made it into a show choir at her high school, which is a big deal for a sophomore. We drove up for her concert last weekend; I enjoyed experimenting with different lenses, etc. while taking pictures in the audience. Low light and action just don't go together! I did bring my monopod, figured that would be less obtrusive to use in an auditorium than a full on tripod. I found the swishing movement in the pictures actually pretty cool. It was difficult to catch the group at a stand still, but did get some of those shots too. So, thought I would share some of the interesting ones....
Strike a pose! Seniors got to be on the front row a lot; one of these days, Grace!

I like how this guy on the left is just a wisp of a person! he was moving fast!

That's Grace on the far right, blonde pony-tail.

I really like how the hands look in the picture.


James Bond theme.

Another blurry movement one that I like.

Jazz hands!

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