Friday, March 2, 2012

almost spring play time

Since winter barely visited us this year, we've been enjoying the weather outside lately. There's only so many cartoons one can watch, and trains one can play with - so we go outside pretty much everyday!

Sidewalk chalk is always a winner.

Sometimes in the afternoons when we are outside, I think A would rather be napping....

Eli loves to walk this scooter thing around. Sometimes he will sit on it and scoot, but usually he just "walks" it. Like the chalk on his rear?!

She enjoys sitting in the swing, but, we can't push it too much.


Check us out! (but please pretend not to notice the lack of mulch behind them).

Trying out sidewalk crayons today.

I drew an atypical hop scotch - E loved jumping on the squares and counting, and made mommy do that a few times too.

Looking quite serious once again.

Check out my dirty hand!!! Good thing this sidewalk crayon stuff washes off easily!

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