Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rainy day project FAIL

Some days, I have too many expectations of what all I can accomplish in a day. For instance, unloading AND loading the dishwasher. Yeah, having two little ones makes it difficult to get most anything "done" these days! Well, it's been raining lately, so we are cooped up in the house. I saw this cute idea on Pinterest about having your child fish for magnetic letters, putting the letters in the bathtub with water. Now, I must say, I used to do fishing all the time when I was doing speech therapy - in fact, we did all kinds of creative stuff while in therapy! But for some reason I forget to try these things with my own child. Anyway.

I figured I could get E set up with fishing, and that would keep him busy while I did some house stuff. I found a few extra magnets in my craft room stash, some ribbon, hot glue, and got a stick from outside.

I even took a picture of my supplies!

I hot glued the ribbon to the stick, and wrapped some around the sides of the magents (put two together) and hot glued that as well.

I put some water in an ice bucket, and put the magnetic letters in it.

We sat down to play. Well, the stick was too long. And the magnets were not strong enough to get the letters out of the water. I put the magnets on the floor, thought we would try it that way. Nope, didn't work that way either.

I told Eli that we would just have to try it again later, when mommmy could find some stronger magnets (and use a shorter stick, and maybe wait 6 months for his motor skills to improve so he could actually do this game alone).

So, just wanted to post that sometimes, we have ideas, we try them - and they fail. But it's ok. It's all about trying, and learning from our mistakes. All that cliche stuff - it's true.

And, I DID get a few things on my to-do list done that day - just not as many as I had hoped - and that's ok too. 

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