Thursday, August 18, 2011

You gonna eat that?

I finally decided that we really need to start working on Eli drinking from an open cup. What prompted this decision? Well, he has his two year old check up next month, and I figure the doctor is going to ask if he can drink from a cup, and I'll feel bad to tell her I've been too lazy to try because sippy cups are so convenient, and then I'll feel even worse that I am somehow contributing to stumping his development (ok that is a little far reaching), so anyway time to deal with the mess and bring on the open cup.

The last few times we had tried, he would end up pouring the whole cup down the front of his shirt, missing his mouth completely. But today, he actually did great at the actual drinking from the cup part.

So, I decided to give him his milk at dinner in a cup - by the way, he chose this pink plastic cup from the pantry.

Almost immediately after taking a few sips, he decided to drop his carrot pieces into his milk. Of course, Doug and I told him not to, but he would then drink the milk, with the carrot in it - so we decided to just watch and see what would happen. Now, "let's just see what happens! and I'll grab the camera!" is not our usual parenting method, but I did find this whole experience fascinating. And Gross. And couldn't turn away.

What are you looking at, E?

Since I guess carrot flavored milk wasn't enough, he decided to drop in his chicken pieces......

....then spill some of it, so I switched plates with him. Yes, we ate on paper plates last night. It was leftovers night, give me a break.

Mmmmmm, taking a drink with the chicken and carrots in there.

Stopping to chew his milk.

Oh, let's go ahead and fish out some chicken.

And finally, time to dump it all out.

And, here's a picture of my lazy hound dog, too lazy to even remove the toy from her mouth.
This way you can have this image in your mind instead of the chicken-carrot flavored milk. You're welcome.

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  1. Eli's a doll! And this is the cutest dog picture I've seen in a while! HAHA!