Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Pool Fun with Stacey!

Earlier this week, we met up with Stacey and her two girls at one of our local pools again! I figure I am getting our money's worth out of those HOA dues. Stacey is such a sweet and encouraging friend, I am so happy to have her around!!! Here are a few pics of our day.....

Audry just completing her swim from the water slide!

Wheeee! I loved going down the slides too!

Eli with the Cars tire ring, a gift from Ms. Stacey.

Are all three kids actually looking at the camera? At the same time???!

I think this is Audrey. I love pictures of water!

Hi Sophie! Sorry you're a little out of focus!

And, Stacey - I'll have to email you ALL of the pictures! Thanks for playing with us!

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