Friday, August 27, 2010

My mysterious niece

My niece is into reading the Nancy Drew books. Well, while on a scrapbook retreat last month, Laura (my sis in law) and I saw a neat idea for a Nancy Drew birthday party invitation. We took that idea and made our own version for Rachel's party! I had a lot of fun playing in photoshop with this one.

First I took a picture of the cover of the book that they wanted to use:

Rachel put on a long-sleeved, pink shirt, and parted her hair on the side, like Nancy in this picture. Rachel also grabbed a piece of rolled up notebook paper to hold.

It was harder than it looks trying to copy Nancy's head position! But we got as close as we could.

I put both images in photoshop, and cut Rachel out of her picture and pasted her onto the picture of the book cover. I did a few other "fine tuning" little things, such as trying to clean up the edges of the cut-out Rachel, and making sure to get rid of Nancy's hand. We left Nancy's skirt. I also took out a few of the wrinkles in the book cover. Last, I changed "Nancy" to Rachel's" in the title. Couldn't match the title font exactly, but found something close. Also tried to closely match the color.

Here is the final product!

Hee hee! Isn't it fun? I used a piece of digital notebook paper to write out all the details of the party, such as date, time, etc. It's on a separate document. So now, Laura can either make a folded invitation with this picture on the cover and the notebook information on the inside, or put the notebook information on the back of this picture. Fun stuff!

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