Monday, November 8, 2010

A Day at the Farm

Last Saturday, we went to a birthday party at Old McDonald's Farm. I had never been there - it sure is a cute and fun place for kids! With his new-found walking skills, Eli is a travelin' man. He constantly wandered around. I think he might have been trying to follow the little train that circles the main area - the boy loves wheels and cars and such! I'm proud of E in that he doesn't seem to mind exploring (of course I like to think he gets that from me, but then again, he's probably just doing what his age is supposed to do). I don't want him to be a clingy or fearful child. On the other hand, it would have been nice if he wanted to stay with our group as we walked around to the animal cages and other areas! I think he just enjoys walking so much, and checking out everything, he just wasn't interested in staying in one area for very long. Here are the pics:
Going down the slide "on his own" (meaning Mom wasn't sitting with him on it!)

I purposely caught Lindsay in the background taking a pic of the funky looking Emu.

Taking a rest by the very tame deer that wander around.

He is loving attempts to use utensils these days.

The birthday boy!

What's in there? Too bad we didn't have time to crawl through the tunnel! We'll have to go back to explore this play area.

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