Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Is....How It Is

This is the chair I've been wanting to make a slipcover for.

This is the awesome fabric I found at Jo-Ann's for a great deal.

This is my computer balanced on an old spittoon, with my E-book directions on how to make a slipcover - the book is called, "the lazy girl's guide to making slipcovers."

This is Eli playing with his legion of potato heads, that mommy was hoping he would play with while she worked, when in reality he played with them for about 3 minutes.

This is Eli being much more interested in what mommy was doing with that material and sharp pins and a pair of sharp scissors.

This is mommy taking a self portrait of mommy and Eli, having a juice box break, while mommy realizes with a sigh, this slipcover thing is not going to happen right now.....

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