Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Day of Pre-School!!!!

I've been talking up school to Eli, trying to help him get prepared to start school today. I have no idea if he really understands the concept of "school" just yet - but I did keep saying his teacher's names, and since he has met them once before, was hoping that was sinking in. Last night I made sure everything had labels on it, and this morning made his lunch. It was fun using his new bag and lunch bag. I kinda feel bad his nap mat is so cheap it doesn't have any kind of foam thingy in it (except it does have an attached pillow), but hopefully it will do for nap time. He seemed a little cranky this morning (he didn't take a nap yesterday, but slept 12 hours last night, so I thought he was going to be ok).....he wasn't really in the mood for you can tell....

I was trying to get him to pose in front of this nice water feature by the door. He kept knocking over his nap mat and bag.

They give everyone one of these denim bags to use (instead of backpacks). I ironed on his name and the firetruck and we used duct tape to make it more "manly." So here he is, trying to knock it over too.

Ok, Mom, I am soooo over these pictures.....let's go.

He went right in to the room! No crying!

He just started playing with toys! I am so proud of him.

Here are some other  moms, handing their kids over the half-door. This one mom behind us was telling the teacher about everything in the boy's bag, holding him - she then started walking away, still holding her child, and started laughing because she forgot to give the CHILD to the teacher along with his stuff! There were definitely some kids crying in his room, and I was hoping that wasn't going to upset E. I think once all the parents left and they got going with their day, everything would be fine. Can't wait to pick him up and see how the day went!

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