Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our bedroom and bathroom mini-makeover

It all started a little over a month ago, when the shower in our master bathroom just wouldn't turn off.

Plumber had to cut a hole through the potty room wall to get to the pipes to replace the shower handle.

We needed to have the wall patched, textured, and painted.....we really weren't in love with the faux texture in the bathroom that the former owners had done, so talked to our handyman about re-doing the texture. And why not pain the ceiling and the walls. And we've been wanting to paint the bedroom too (both were khaki in color, and not ugly, but it's nice to put your own stamp on your house, know what I mean?). And, if we're changing the bathroom paint to a lighter color, those darker, bronze-y colored mirror frames and light fixtures,well, they're not going to match. And I've been wanting new bedding for the bedroom.

Right before the worker guys got started, I took a few "before" pictures, and they are not very good, but it's all I got. Here's an overview of the Before and After of the bathroom (I'll go into more detail farther down):

(drumroll please as I enjoy my very own HGTV Reveal moment)

As you can see on the left, we tried out several paint samples, trying to find the right green (or blue, but went with blue in the bedroom).
I wish I would have gotten a better picture of the window and curtains. I liked how the former owner had used those knobs and hung the curtains, so for the past almost four years I have left them just like that!
Here's what we did: Had walls painted green, ceiling painted white; I used satin nickel spray paint to paint the mirrors and light fixtures, and changed out the light fixture shades to white; changed out towel racks to satin nickel ones (that I got at Home Goods for really cheap); also painted the curtain knobs and tie backs; had the sink and tub fixtures changed out; changed out the doorknobs from brass to satin nickel; changed the curtains from a brownish/rose color to a khaki with slightly lighter colored flowers on them.

I took all these pictures of my spray painting process - but can't find them on my computer!! So disappointed. I was (still am) very proud of how I used the existing mirrors and light fixtures, and saved a ton of money by simply painting them!

Another "before" view of the bathroom. Kinda nice how the toothbrush holder, trashcan, etc. match the new paint. Got those as wedding presents almost 5 years ago!

Tried to get a picture of the old texture; when they took down the wallpaper, the former owners did a faux treatment of stamping a trowel randomly on the wall. It was ok I guess, but having just normal texture sure is nice!

Close up of the new sink fixture.

Wish you could see the color of the curtains better! I really like them - so much so, I bought the same ones for the bedroom! Spray painted those knobs satin nickel, along with the curtain tiebacks. See the new tub fixture too?

Somewhat closer pic of the spray painted light fixtures (with new shades) and mirror frames.

Now for the overall Before and After of the bedroom: (disclaimer: it was the first work day, and I knew the workers were going to have to move stuff, so I didn't bother making the bed - also, we had already started taking things of the walls, it was pretty messy) 

Here's what we did: had walls and ceiling painted; changed out bedding; changed out bedside lamps (the others had a broken shade, and collected dust big time), changed out curtains, and ceiling fan (didn't get a good pic of the lovely brass deal in the 'before' picture). Yes, the bedding is quite feminine; bless Doug, he knew I had a hard time finding new bedding and he wasn't real fond of this, but he knew I liked it and he said he could live with it. He said it's actually growing on him. :)

We still need something for the space over the bed. As you see, we have hodge podge furniture; still have the dresser and nightstand from my furniture set from single days; the king size mattress was bought when we first moved in to the house, but we never did get new furniture. After viewing some cool do it yourself type websites, I am tempted to make my own headboard. We went antiquing today, and looked all over for something cool and big to hang there above the bed, but couldn't find anything that was Just Right.

One more random 'before' picture.

Well, that's it folks. It was really simple changes, but they made a big impact. It's quite a vulnerable thing, putting your bedroom and bathroom on your blog. But I really am quite proud of how it all turned out, so, here ya go! Whenever I get the head of the bed all fancied up, I will be sure to post that picture!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out my new changes!


  1. the rooms look so much better and more you! super idea about using the paint to update your fixtures instead of dropping a ton of money into new ones. especially since the light fixtures and mirrors were nice. have you checked kirkland's for something above your bed? that is where we got the piece over our bed and the big artwork in our dining room. get on their email list and they will send you $10 off coupons too. great job cheryl! lindsay

  2. wow!! What a difference!! it looks so much better!! so much "lighter and brighter" in both rooms! Love the silver finishes, too! Great job!!! Watch out HGTV! Here comes Cheryl!