Friday, July 23, 2010

Reflections on FWAFB

Finally my nervousness has given way to giddy anticipation. I didn't know how many emotions I would run through, getting ready for my First Weekend Away From the Baby. I agreed to go on this scrapbook retreat with my sister-in-law; I went with her to this same place/group of people two years ago, where I worked on a mini album about my dogs. Big difference in topic this year! Sometimes I step outside myself and marvel at where I am with motherhood. A few months ago, no way could I have gone on a weekend away from the baby. I had opportunity to go on two different retreats already, but after waffling about the decision, opted not to go, just wasn't ready yet - either of us. Definitely was not ready to leave for a weekend while I was still nursing (weaning him from that was tougher than I thought, on BOTH of us.) Now that is done, he is much more independent (well, as independent as an almost 11 month old gets), and I'm ready for a weekend outing - alone. I'm not worried about the baby's welfare at all - Doug does a great job with him, and my in-laws are coming in for reinforcement as well. (On a side note, I've been reading a book called "Babyproofing Your Marriage," and I am astounded at the rudeness and helplessness of some of the husbands quoted in the book. I am very thankful that Doug is not like those men at all! Don't worry honey, the "REM Sleep" comment won't get posted here or put in Eli's baby book. You're allowed a few of those comments as a new dad, and since that comment you've seen the error of your ways, so it's all good. ) I suppose it's ME and how I will miss him that makes me feel nervous! I read somewhere, and totally agree with this concept, of how a new mother falls "in love" with her baby - it's the same feelings as when Doug and I first fell in love. I remember how I felt when we were first married and Doug went on his first overseas trip - I missed him so much and was so lonely when I came home from work to the empty apartment! Of course I still miss him when he travels now, but it's not that intense feeling when it's all New. The intense, new mom love I have for my baby is overwhelming sometimes - I know I will miss holding him and seeing him smile at me, watching his antics and his new-found skill of pulling up on everything in sight. On the other hand, as I was washing his feeding tray for the millionth time this morning, listening to E cry on the other side of the baby gate, standing on my recently mopped floor now covered in dirty dog prints, I thought, whew, this break will be nice. I worked all week on getting pictures and papers picked out and organized; I cleaned house and did laundry. Even though my in-laws are the most non-judgemental people I know, I still want the house to be clean for them, at least the bathrooms! I made sure the baby had food, new wipey refills, new tube of desitin. Now that everything is "in it's place," my feelings of trepidation are moving towards excitement - I get to spend a weekend with my favorite hobby, visiting with other gals, can even take a nap WHENEVER I WANT TO, meals will be cooked for me and no cleaning up required - ahhhhhh. It's time. Time to be recharged!
Here's the load I'm taking. Actually not too bad compared to what I've seen others take on my scrapbook retreats. The blue tub towards the back actually is paper I'm going to donate to others (did some cleaning out while going through everything this week!) We do a get to know you game with a gift exchange, that's why you see a wrapped present there. This year's theme is to bring something you Really Like. You're supposed to bring your own favorite thing (at around $12) and then bring a wrapped one to share. I had a hard time coming up with something, seems like my favorite things are either more than $12, or, I can't find another one (like the cool chicken wire basket in this picture, I LOVE that basket but couldn't find another one at Home Goods.)

Wanted to feature a glimpse into my Page Packets I've worked on all week. I actually got this idea from Nicole. I picked out the pictures that will go in the book, matched paper to them, and found whatever other pieces would need to go on that layout - letter stickers, ribbon, that kind of thing. Then I put all of that in one of these 12x12 envelopes. I actually have 3 or 4 layouts in each envelope. I am hoping I will have Eli's book caught up to March!

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  1. I am so impressed! I can't wait to see your book! I know if will be fabulous. Enjoy your weekend, sans kid and hubby!