Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

We spend part of the Fourth of July weekend at Doug's parent's house. E loved being able to crawl endlessly around their large den area. He has a new skill, playing "fetch" with himself basically. He tosses a small item in front of him, then scrambles to get it, then tosses it again. It's neat watching his motor and learning skills develop. Even something as simple as "fetch" is incredible to us as parents to watch. Here are some pictures from the weekend:
Eli loves his cousin Rachel.

He looks so "big boy" in this picture!

Singing with Meme.

Doug's dad hung up this flag so we could use it as a backdrop for some pictures. We all took turns posing in front of it.

LOVE this picture of the grandparents with all three grandkids!

Last but not least, our group family shot. Considering we are all foot-less, not too shabby of a picture taken by my camera on the timer, precariously balanced on a rickety plastic shelf I dragged into the back yard. There are other shots with our feet showing, but I didn't like those as well, so feet-less it is!

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